Other Types of Toronto Tires

New technologies have also invaded the Toronto tires market, and the variety of tyre types and classifications today is considerable. Fortunately for vehicle owners, this represents more choice, which on the one hand seems advantageous, but on the other hand complicates the selection of the right type for the vehicle, as the wide range results in a lack of consumer awareness.

Other types of Toronto Tires

Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent types in today’s crowded Toronto tires market.

Bias and radial

These tyres are manufactured with alternating layers of fabrics that criss-cross diagonally across the carcass of the tire. The number of plies depends on the intended use, a passenger car tyre may have 5 to 8 plies, while a truck tire will have up to 12 plies.

Although this technology provides a solid rigidity to the tire, the lateral stability is not as efficient, in the radial model, the armour of the tire is composed of layers of fabric that are placed radially, from one bead to another, forming a structure similar to a tube, the upper part is covered in crossed wire mesh, they are very light and flexible, more durable and safe, they heat up less and produce a larger contact area with the ground than the diagonal ones.


This type of Toronto tires has the characteristic of working without an inner tube, they have a special layer that seals the inside of the tire, in such a way that when mounted on the rim there is no way for the air inside to escape.

The first is the economy of not having to buy inner tubes, another advantage is obtained at the time of suffering a puncture, because in this type of tire the air is not lost suddenly, as it is designed to be more efficient in maintaining the air pressure inside the Toronto tires.

The tubuless dissipates heat more effectively, minimizing the inconvenience that occurs at high speeds with high temperatures.